What is SeekTv?

SeekTv is a free service designed to bring you all off the best material in various areas with the goal of bringing you answers to the questions you have.

Does SeekTv own the videos?

SeekTv does not own any of the videos on our platform. All videos are owned by the respective creators. SeekTv is only providing a curated list of good quality content which is indexed from videos freely and publicly available on YouTube.com If the videos are removed from YouTube.com, they are also removed from SeekTv.com. If you are a creator of one of the videos which are shown here on SeekTv.com and would prefer to have it not shown on SeekTv.com please let us know, and we will be happy to remove our link to your video.

Does SeekTv have an app?

Currently, SeekTv is available on AppleTv - you can find it in the AppStore on AppleTv. We have plans to build a native iOS and Android app soon!

I want to contact SeekTv

If you would like to get in touch you can via the following methods;

  • Email: mail@seektv.com
  • Phone: 0490367928
  • Web: Contact

How can I share SeekTv.com too?

If you would like to help get the word out about SeekTv.com you can by checking out our share page (seektv.com/share) where you can find flyers you can print out and letterbox, or a number of social media images you can copy and share on your social media networks.